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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the list of what you can get with GPlus Planet:

  • Website Traffic
  • G+1
  • Better SEO Ranking
Any types of website except any link from a URL shortener site, porn site, and site with harmful content (e.g. Virus, Scam, Etc.).
Token serves as your money on GPlus Planet. You pay tokens to other GPlus Planet users to give you G+1.
Make sure that you are not using AdBlock in your browser. Also please try to refresh the page and see if the problem will resolved.

Also try to login your social media account first then refresh the activity page. In case you already logged in but still not getting tokens, simply logout your social media account, login again, then refresh the activity page. We also recommend to use the latest Google Chrome browser and if possible, try to use different social media account.

A problem may also occurred if your internet connection is slow or blocking some sites.
Regular members have 1000 Maximum Tokens, by default. This means you cannot collect more than 1000 tokens. This rule does not apply if you buy tokens - only if you receive them for free.
Every time your website gets activity (e.g. G+1), tokens will be deducted from your account depending on how much you set the Reward Token.
Simply wait a few hours then go back to your Dashboard and see what did you get.
You can set the maximum number of G+1 you want to receive per day. This feature can be found in the Dashboard.
You can set the maximum amount of tokens you want to spend daily. This feature can be found in the Dashboard.
At least one day - but stick with us and you'll see better results!

Below are the possible reasons:

  • Make sure you have not reached your Maximum Token
  • Make sure you've turned ON your browser cookies
You may easily cancel your PayPal recurring payment by following the instruction. Click here
Simply go to your Dashboard then click Deactivate Account button.